Thursday, June 26, 2008

Child neglect in South Australia

one woman
12 children
different men
welfare of $57k per annum
discounts on prescriptions, etc. for low income

Am I supposed to feel sorry for these oxygen thieves?
Those (children) of the Adelaide woman were returned to her care following medical checks. Her friend, though, was charged with 10 counts of criminal neglect, causing harm and endangering the lives of her children.

All six of them remained in the Women's and Children's Hospital in Adelaide last night, while she was in Northfield women's prison on remand.

Interviewed by The Australian before yesterday's drama, the Adelaide woman insisted she had done nothing wrong except love her many children.

Speaking behind the closed door of her rented home, she told of her deep sense of hurt and humiliation at being branded a super-bad mother, alongside her friend. They were "sort of mates", the woman admitted. But she had no idea what had gone on at her friend's house before the events of Sunday night.

"We are going to be judged all round the country," the woman said.

"We have been humiliated and I have not done anything. I love my kids, I look after my kids."

All together, some 21 children are believed to be involved in this deeply disturbing affair, mostly those of the two women, but also of the Adelaide woman's siblings, who
orbit in and out of their problematic lives.

Neither woman works, according to neighbours. But Centrelink figures show the Adelaide woman would be eligible to collect at least $57,000 in benefits annually on the basis of having 12 dependent children.
Oh dear, you've mistaken me for someone who cares about your humiliation.

Sometimes loving your children is not enough. I don't know if these women understand what love, obligation and responsibility are.

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