Thursday, June 26, 2008

Emissions Trading Scheme will create jobs

for some...

Al Gore Denies Global Warming in His Meal Ticket

Former Vice President Al Gore, who famously claimed to have invented the Internet, now denies -in the face of powerful evidence to the contrary- that he is in a position to make an immense fortune from global warming-mitigation efforts
I can't wait to listen to AM thismorning to find out how an Emissions Trading Scheme will create jobs in Australia.

Meanwhile, CANA says that ETS will create 16,000 new jobs. Nothing about any old jobs being lost, and how people will pay for an ETS, because you can bet the people will be paying for this farce.

25% Renewable Energy by 2020If we introduced a 25% renewable energy target by 2020 we would not only fight climate change, it would deliver at least 16,600 new jobs for Australians, generate $33 billion in new investment and create enough renewable electricity to power every home in Australia.
A comprehensive plan for 25% renewable energy by 2020.

While we're talking about AM, yesterday's programme was interesting:

  • coalition on fence over fuel - they should stick to their guns, increasing tax on things doesn't help it just harms those least likely to cope with more expense in their day-to-day living.
  • biofuels creating food price spikes: Oxfam - and just as polluting as other forms of fuel.
  • Key senator re-thinks stance on alcopops - stupid idea, won't stop people binge drinking. Money would be better spent on trying to change habits and educate people.
  • Government urges support for alcopops tax - meh, as if they aren't rolling in enough dough already.
  • SA neglect allegations the 'tip of the iceberg' - what is happening to the standard of parents? Surely they are aware of the basic necessities of life and their responsibilities... responsibilities. A word which seems to have gone missing from the modern vocabulary.
EMILY BOURKE: Days after the child neglect allegations came to light, the South Australian Families and Communities Minister Jay Weatherill is still defending the state's child protection system and the response to the extended families found in squalid conditions in Adelaide's northern suburbs.
JAY WEATHERILL: We are throwing incredible resources into this system but you cannot keep throwing resources into what is essentially an "ambulance at the bottom of the cliff". We have to put resources into the fence at the top. It has to be the early intervention. We can't keep having a crisis response because the crisis just keeps worsening and we don't do any favours to families just by investigating them.
Animals were taken away from these homes where the children had been neglected. The RSPCA had the power to step in, and were not worried about stepping on toes. Sort it out later. But with children of course, there's no power.

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