Wednesday, June 25, 2008


We're all gonna die.

By degrees.

Five of them by 2070.

That's Celsius.

But what's this? Some sanity! Hurrah!


Anonymous said...

I love Minister Robertson's statement in Parliament in 2005 that greenhouse concentrations were responsible for a lack of rainfall in eastern States. This was and is a total load of cods wallop

If the Liberals had any balls, drive, common sense, intelligence anything at all, they should be using examples of past Labor stupidity like this to attack this incompetent Labor State Government. But they sit back and do nothing. The media is equally useless. Mehaul.

Skeeter said...

I'm not sure how Queensland's vicious temperature-increasing carbon dioxide manages to keep itself within our borders.
But let's assume it does, and it is caused by our carbon output spread over the area of the state:
Victoria should have the worst temperature rise with 529t of carbon per square km.
Second worst is ACT with 466t/sq km
Third is NSW - 200t/sq km
Hydro-powered Tasmania is fourth worst with 124t carbon/sq km
Coal-fired Queensland's sunny skies are carrying only 99t of carbon/sq km.
If you don't believe me, here are the stats from the various reports being used by the alarmists.

Tonnes C Population tC/capita Area sq km tC/sq km
Victoria 120.3 120300000 5188100 23.19 227416 528.9865
ACT 1.1 1100000 336400 3.27 2358 466.4970
New South Wales 160.00 160000000 6817100 23.47 800642 199.8396
Tasmania 8.5 8500000 492700 17.25 68401 124.2672
Queensland 170.9 170900000 4264590 40.07 1730648 98.7491
Australia 460.80 460800000 17098890 26.95 7691951 59.9068
South Australia 28 28000000 1581400 17.71 983482 28.4703
Western Australia 70.4 70400000 2105800 33.43 2529875 27.8275
Northern Territory 16.2 16200000 217559 74.46 1349129 12.0077

Insanity is too kind a word for some of these "climate change" stories in the media.