Wednesday, June 25, 2008

This is gonna cost us a motza

Queensland largest greenhouse gas emitter in country:
QUEENSLAND'S greenhouse gas emissions have surged by almost 10 per cent and Australia's emissions per capita remain among the world's highest.

This, according to data just released, was due largely to use of coal for power generation.
Now, let me see.
That's 10% of Australia's 1.4% of the 0.000006% (or was that 0.00006%)of anthropogenic - was it CO2 or all greenhouse gases?

Any way you look at it, it's still 4/5 of 5/8 of F- all.

Oh, but never mind, Kevvie's got it all under control...
A CSIRO-Australian National University report this week said fears that the emissions-trading scheme would cause petrol and power costs to skyrocket were unfounded.

It forecast slow rises in energy costs that would mostly be outstripped by income growth but it recommended low-income households receive a $50-$180 annual government payment to cover any gap between rising energy costs and income growth.

Prime Minister Kevin Rudd this week met with the president of Kiribati, the Pacific Island nation facing potential oblivion due to rising sea levels. Next month Mr Rudd is to attend a gathering of G8 heads of state in Japan to discuss global warming, energy and food security issues.


Boy on a bike said...

What's the point of giving low income families money to cover rising energy costs? The idea of raising the price is so that people consume less. If you give them money to make up the shortfall, they will consume the same amount as before.

The only impact is on the wallets of higher income taxpayers, who have to pay more tax to support the energy lifestyles of the poor.

kc said...

Ahem...(had to clear my throat, I have an awful cold) the point of giving peasants money has nothing to do with consuming less. It has EVERYTHING to do with who takes credit for 'helping' them & who they, in turn, vote for.

Just cuz we know this, however, does NOT mean anything changes.