Monday, June 23, 2008

George really needs to get out more...

and stop reading the polls.

From Sunday's ABC Insiders programme, George thinks that people will gladly pay more for fuel to support the offset GHGs...

at 3:20 is a debate between George Megalogenis and Andrew Bolt, and George tells how the polls are supporting the lifting of petrol prices to support a "long term" plan, ie. an emissions trading scheme.

at 0:50 trying to justify Fuel Watch, listen to Kev08 talking about the prices of petrol at two service stations, a difference of 16c, surely people are capable of finding cheap petrol and filling up cheaply when necessary?

The price of petrol is on a cycle:
Monday, cheap;
Tuesday, cheaper;
Wednesday AM cheapest;
Wednesday PM dearest;
Thursday, still dear;
Friday, may be cheaper than Thursday;
weekend, still the same as Friday.

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Nic said...

my thoughts exactly as I watched it. He just didn't get it, particularly when he ignored what the three gents from Gippsland had JUST been saying. Bolta knows that idiots like Megalogenis and those he writes for are the gift that just keeps on giving.