Monday, June 23, 2008

Prom Night

In da hood.

These pix come with a WARNING.


Dylan said...

NSFL (not safe for lunch)

Boy on a bike said...

The fashion police definitely need to do a drive-by on those proms.

Anonymous said...

Kae. You owe me. Notwithstanding the warning, no one should just stumble across some of those. But thank you. I now feel so much better about my own children.

And OT. Ain't it great that Qantas mungogineers are striking. Another blow for Krudd and his team of amateurs.


kae said...

I did warn youse.

I reckon we're in for a raft of strikes as the unions fire up with militancy... what's Kev gonna do about it?

Like everything else, it's gonna be outta control.

ntk said...

Look on the bright side - another Qantas strike for the ALP to break.