Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Hate mail

From the Mackenzie Institute, A Piece of Hate Mail

The value of the letter is as a statement from a Second generation Muslim immigrant in the West – the very sort of young men who have become ‘Homegrown’ terrorist recruits so often in recent years. This is a mindset that we need to recognize… and squash.
So, why do they hate us? We are encouraged to ask, and to "dialogue" with people who have sick minds like this...

I would have hoped this person's education in the west would have enabled them to have a better command of the English language. I guess he was too busy watching porno movies and visiting brothels to work on his education. With the possible exception of Fridays at the Mosque, which would go a long way to explain the poison he's spouting.

If you don't like it in Canada, there's another option: leave. Go back to the shithole your family came from.

(Hat tip to Pogs.)


Anonymous said...

Kae. With all his relativistic (is there such a word?) waffle he could be any of a dozen or so contributors to Boltas and Blairs blogs. The Sue Gants, Barry Bolts etc all talk this same simple twisting of good and evil to suit their own narrow agendas. Good link. Thanks. If you flicked this link to Blair, I'd love to witness the response.


kae said...

I really don't think the commenters you mentioned see this sort of thing coming from the, er, cause they champion.

Anonymous said...

Hi Kae


Skeeter said...

So this is what they are shouting in Arabic when we see them on the news.
The underlined-bold bits are where they fire a burst into the air.