Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Rising petrol prices cause airlines to cancel Queensland flights

For years I've heard some insular Queenslanders whining about all the southerners coming up to Queensland. This should shut them up - well, it's only the tourists, but it's a start.

Queensland tourism operators experiencing hard times after airlines cut services to popular holiday spots will meet with federal Tourism Minister Martin Ferguson in Brisbane on Wednesday.

The Queensland government last week announced a $4 million rescue package for the industry, after Qantas and Jetstar cancelled services to tourist centres like the Gold Coast and the Whitsundays.


Queensland Tourism Minister Desley Boyle has cancelled an overseas trade mission to continue working with local operators to overcome "tough times" in the industry.

The state government announced an immediate injection of $4 million for the state's tourism industry late last week after Qantas and Jetstar scaled back domestic and international flights.

The news that flights to and from the Gold Coast have been cut will impact directly on my family. It's easier for us to fly out of Coolangatta than it is to fly out from Brisbane.


Skeeter said...

Not too sure about the logic of rising petrol prices causing airlines to cut flights to Queensland.
I think the flights were cancelled because not enough people were buying tickets on those flights.
It's always very tempting for the airlines to cancel a flight here and there when the bookings are light. It saves them a lot of money to combine two or three services with low bookings, into one full aeroplane.
I think the depressed state of the Queensland tourist industry can be largely blamed on rising petrol prices adding to the costs of driving holidays.
But, isn't this exactly what we needed to save the planet from catastrophic global warming?
I'm very much in favour of high petrol costs forcing working families into public transport. It's already making it a pleasure to drive again on the M1.

kae said...

Well, avgas/avter is a bit different to the usual stuff you shovel money over the counter at the servo for and I think it's priced differently, too.

You'll get there eventually, but check out the "Why is petrol so expensive?" post up there ^.

kae said...

Oh, gosh, Skeets, you sorted out your "issues" with the password?!?!?

Egg said...

Why doesn't the Krudder open The Big Banjo 'north of Pine River', that orta get 'em coming up in droves? :)