Friday, June 20, 2008

Hmm. Censors are asleep in Brisbane

In Brisbane there was a call to have all the "Make sex last longer" billboards taken down...

What about this one:

(hat tip Skeeter)

Update: I've linked to the person who publicised their objection to the "Make Sex Last Longer" billboards... The objection was to the word "sex". I suppose that it'd be older children who'd make the wordplay  connection with Phuket.

I do agree with her complaint about theatres showing R rated and other unsuitable trailers with G rated or even PG rated children's movies.

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splice said...

Cheap enough to say, Phuket I’ll go.

It’s a little risqué sure, but I think it’s witty and fun.

It works!

What I didn’t appreciate was that prison tattoo-inspired campaign that ran something like “we’re a museum nation of uncultured, inbred bogans. So, where the bloody hell are you?”

Hint: never start a sentence with “so”.

kae said...

Hint: never start a sentence with "so".

Or "Look".

Or "Well".

(I think it's funny, too. But after the crap about the billboard with "sex" written on it...)

Skeeter said...

On the Air Asia website we are advised that it is pronounced "poo-get".
Not too sure the billboard would make much sense with that pronunciation.

kae said...

Oh, isn't that like, um, Bali belly, montezuma's revenge?

splice said...

Going back to the "Make sex last longer" billboards, is that the same campaign as we're getting down here in Sydney about nasal delivery impotence drugs?

For years we've had reminders about mammograms, pap smears and hormonal replacement therapy to thwart menopause.

But what does men's health matter?

Germaine Greer might know...

kae said...

My main problem with making sex last longer is getting it in the first place.
Germaine Greer wouldn't know about men's health. She's interested in boys I think.

Pogria said...

I'll add my pet peeves to sentence starters.

Never start a sentence with "basically",

"the fact of the matter is",

and one of my all time peeves,

"at this point in time".

Just say NOW, idiot.

kae said...

Oh Pogs, me too, me too.

Like market speak.

Moving forward... etc.


splice said...

Hi Pogria,

Can I guess that means you’re all done with “at the end of the day” as the beginning of a conclusion to an argument?

Trite phrases at the beginning of any sentence are condescending at best and downright insulting the rest of the time.

Pogria said...

Hi Splice,

yes, yes, and YES! :)

Minicapt said...

So, basically, the fact of the matter is that one is advocating unrestricted pedantry as the end game.