Friday, June 20, 2008

Six year old set upon by three aged 18-20, to steal five dollars

LITTLE Lucy Tonkin watched terrified and helpless as a group of three young men set upon her dad, Chris, then beat him savagely as he fell to the ground.

Mr Tonkin had confronted the group after they stole $5 from six-year-old Lucy while she was walking on the street about 50m from her home in suburban Newcastle on Wednesday afternoon.

It's time for the courts to get serious about physical attacks and assaults. No excuses are acceptable.

The attackers ran away when two men driving past stopped to help. Obviously these cowards didn't like the odds.

The descrption of the attackers is interesting. Shame.


Anonymous said...

I agree with you on getting serious. No amount of late-night lockouts, binge drinking gabfests or restrictive laws (impacting the innocent) will make any difference until these sort of people are arrested and punished. Too often they get a slap on the wrist or forgiveness because their mother wouldn't let them stay up and watch TV or somesuch perceived childhood problem.
I laughed at the supposed affect of the nightclub lockouts in Melbourne, where they said it had reduced violence, when it was actually the presence of a large number of coppers, mainly there to hassle the nightclub owners, that had the affect.


Anonymous said...

Putting Abos in jail will resurrect the suicides that dominated the media during the 80s. That was another guilt trip for the cruel whities.

The judicial system has to get creative in determining punishments for all juvenile crime.

Corporal punishment is my thought. Lots of it. So much it hurts for weeks and weeks and weeks.

Not only a deterrent, but justice being seen being done.


The Wizard of WOZ said...

Im starting to agree with you in lots of places these days Mehaul. Well said.

splice said...

It sounds like the demographic in question has abandoned petrol sniffing as too expensive and taken up ice methamphetamine as a practical solution to the twin challenges of xenophobic political incorrectness and global warming.

I think the first step is to apply for a research grant to study these changes in order to raise awareness and advise the government on the best course of action.

kae said...

Hey, Splice.
I've peer reviewed your above submission and it says all the right things, er, covers all the correct identifiers.
You should shit the grant it.
I approve.

kae said...

shit it IN