Sunday, June 8, 2008

Kev07 makes rod for Kev08's back...

Ahhh, Insiders

It gets more interesting as the disillusionment with Kev08, who was the great hope of change Kev07, becomes firmer in the electorate.

It’s amazing that Kev07’s campaign strategy bleating about how badly off everyone is and how house prices and petrol prices and food prices and interest rate rises and so on is coming back to bite him on the bum. Well said Piers! (Stay tuned till the end, there’s the film of the hapless minister talking about genetically modified orgasms.)

Woohoo. Too bad, so sad, Kevvie.

It’s worth a look round the whole thing if you’ve got about 25 minutes or so.

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MarkL said...

Yeah, saw that, Kae. Not a bad show is Insiders. You can gradually see the dawning of the realistion in the (mostly left-wing) journo's that Krudd is not their saviour from the Howardian Horror, but rather an incompetent twat.