Friday, June 6, 2008

Taxpayer Funded and pissed away

New Zealand scientists have worked around the clock and mapped the genome which causes ruminants to produce methane. And, wait for it, they've developed an innoculation to stop the methane belching.

Great. That's really useful.

Over here we're losing berzillions of dollars pissed away looking at how animals will cope with global warming. (They're doing it everywhere!)



Oh wait, maybe not piss!

Just today I heard about the Rhinos at Dubbo Zoo. They've successfully fertilized eggs from two barren females they have. Great. Keep the gene pool deep.

No mention of AGW.

My first thought was "Who cares? There's so few left they'll all be dead come the warming/flooding/iceage/whatever, who gives a rat's arse?"

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