Friday, June 6, 2008

Some good links from Wand...

Why didn't I call this thing kae and her magic Wand? He he.

from his comment at "God save us from gullible fools and the MSM"

Now one school of thought seems to be that the ALP would not be so foolish with a Garnaut type ETS because the outcome will be crippling and they do know that. I am not so sure that any common sense will prevail and would guess that the outcome will be disastrous.

And at this stage, no-one can say what will be in the soon to be released 'Green Paper' on the scam (to be released in July). Certainly the questions that I put to some bureaucrats at a carbon talkfest in Sydney last week have not given me any reason to change my views.

and also his second comment there.

And this from comments on Humorous goings on in Queensland Parliament, again from Wand, is just plain funny:
Now let me see ... first pass..

Minister for Communities, Disability Services, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Partnerships, Multicultural Affairs, Seniors and Youth ...

rearrange and grab the letters

Communities, that’s a C
Disability Services, D S
Aboriginal A
Torres Strait TS
Islander Partnerships, IP
Multicultural Affairs, MA
Seniors S
Youth Y

So I make it MADS, CATS, IPS and YAM make that MAD CATS PISS MAY that
is moving services from disability to Seniors and Island Partnerships (an admirable move)

Yes that’s it, the Hon Lindy Nelson-Carr MP, Minister for MAD CATS MAY PISS.
Anyone else got any ideas? Some of the titles do lend themselves to anagrammization!

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stackja1945 said...

Julia Gillard has brought a new abbreviation to the world of politics.