Saturday, June 21, 2008

Three questions about your efforts to fight AGW...

What (if anything) do you do now to fight global warming that you didn’t do two years ago?

What behavior would you would find impossible (or difficult) to change?

How concerned are you about global warming?
Read the comments, hilarious.


Wand said...

You could always sneak away somewhere to drink some green beer. Say there is a choice!

And when you are finished drinking, you could spend extra money subsidising these products

Ah so many choices!

Minicapt said...

I alternate breathing, then out. Understandably, concentration is key, as is efficient modulation of the aspirational interconnections of the pneumatic system.

Making government work better:


Wand said...


Making government work better?

You jest? N'est ce pas?

Boy on a bike said...

I'm not doing anything different.

I find it hard to fight the urge to kill every greenie that I meet. Punching them in the face is a behaviour that I find difficult, nay impossible, to change.

I am concerned that when the global warming hysteria finally dies down, the SMH will only be half the thickness it is now (due to fewer hysterical stories), meaning that many homeless people will die in the coming ice age from hypothermia.

Caz said...

1. Nothing.

2. None, since I'm not currently, nor intending to change any of my behaviors. I have very nice behaviors, I'm quite fond of them.

3. Not concerned at all.

Gerbal worming is a fiction.

Anthropomorphically induced gerbal worming is a fiction.

We will go down in history as the most arrogant, conceited, stupid generation for our feeble minded attempt/goal to "reverse" the climate.


Let me repeat myself:


The Wizard of WOZ said...

1. Ive just bought my first fuel injected car. Buts its a V8, so I think that kind of cancels out.

2. Driving, BBQing, long hot showers and telling lefties that they're stupid to believe we can accurately predict climate change when they cant tell me what the weather will be like in two weeks time.

3. About as concerned as I am about getting skin cancer on my testicles.

Caz said...


I'm always impressed when someone finds a way to throw testicles into a comment.

Should be more of it.

The Wizard of WOZ said...

Thanks Caz (assuming you're not being sarcastic), I figured it was a better option than some of the female specific ideas I had at first.

Caz said...

Oh no, not at all Wizard.

Believe me, my sarcasm, when it surfaces (it happens), is a showy, heavy blunt instrument kind of affair, all the subtlety of an axe murderer really.