Saturday, June 21, 2008

A wreck in slow, slow motion

This is Rudd.
Last month, Rudd kept two of the nation's most senior officials - Australian Defence Force chief Air Chief Marshal Angus Houston and the secretary of the Department of Foreign Affairs, Michael L'Estrange - waiting for hours outside his office.

Key decisions are not being made. Rudd, for example, has had in his in-tray since February a list of candidates to replace Richard Alston as high commissioner to London. He cannot decide between three career diplomats - John McCarthy, David Ritchie and John Dauth - and two of his own thoughts for the position, political figures Kim Beazley and Stephen Loosley.

(Tony) Burke was in Darwin and became sick; he developed laryngitis, and was unable to speak. He received a call from Harris wanting him to do interviews, but Burke told him he was too sick and barely had a voice. Harris was furious and abused Burke. Senior Labor strategists were stunned that Harris felt he could dress down a leading frontbencher, a key figure in the NSW Labor Party who was instrumental in delivering Rudd the numbers to defeat Beazley for the leadership.
I wonder the deal made between the power brokers of the ALP and Rudd? You'll be the man for one year only, then you must leave.

This inept idiot attracts scorn and derision, as do his immature assistants. Rudd's an embarrassment to Australia and Australians.

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