Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Army Newspaper link added

I hope it works.

The current issue's cover shows the funeral of Sig Sean McCarthy.

Items in this edition include:
• More than 1000 mourners attended the funeral of Sig Sean McCarthy, SASR, at the Sacred Heart Catholic Church on July 18.
• Army Aviation safety standards have been reviewed and revised as a result of the Board of Inquiry into the Black Hawk crash off Fiji in 2006 that claimed two lives.
• New Chief of Army Lt-Gen Ken Gillespie has commissioned a review of headquarters and functional command arrangements.
• Military pilgrims wearing their uniforms cut dashing figures during World Youth Day 2008 activities.
• Forty-three years after its formation, 1 Avn Regt was honoured with a guidon during a memorable parade at Robertson Barracks on July 4.
• Hundreds of people lined the streets of Darwin city to support more than 400 soldiers who marched in a welcome home parade on July 5 to mark their service in southern Iraq.

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Boy on a bike said...

"Army Aviation safety standards have been reviewed.."

I went to school with a bloke that became a Blackhawk pilot.

I heard that he was grounded once for scaring the pants of a bunch of SAS troopers by flying under the Narrows Bridge in Perth at night. That was about 15 years ago.

The Narrows is barely tall enough for a ferry to fit under, let alone a chopper.

Minicapt said...

Blackhawk height at the tail rotor is 17.5', so basically 20' clearance is good. How much more is required?


kc said...

Was once in a Cessna that flew under a bridge on the Wabash River at the Indiana/Illinois border. THAT is exciting! Of course, the pilot was a former cropduster/barnstormer/airshow stunt flyer...not something I'd do myself if I were pilot, but still...WOW!