Sunday, July 13, 2008

Feminazism and PCness just make their practitioners look really silly

From Mitchieville

It's hysterical female activists such as this that give the fine members of *BITCH* fighting a real sexist imbalance a bad name....
The signs on the road which say "Men at Work"* or "Men Working Ahead" will be replaced with signs saying "Workers Ahead", so they're not sexist.

I can't believe this stupidity. Is this the only injustice in the workplace that they feel is necessary to correct?


(By the way, mitchieville has some lovely beefcake for the girls!)

And I loved the comment by mark on 12/7/08 at 1:45am
Have you ever seen female construction workers? They stand at the construction
site holding a fuckin' "SLOW" sign all day. Ya, with crucial responsibilities
like that, I can totally understand why money would be spent to replace
perfectly signs whilst pretending that men are not the backbone of the industry.

Apparently some forms of discrimination are better than others.
*Wonder about the group called Men At Work.
(with thanks to minicapt )

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