Sunday, July 13, 2008

Cindy Sheehan could have honoured her son

From the Globe and Mail:

Andrew (Boomer) Eykelenboom and his fellow fallen comrades were in coffins when they came back to Canada from Afghanistan. Maureen Eykelenboom was alive, as perhaps she hasn't been since Boomer was killed in a suicide bombing on Aug. 11, 2006, because, at last, she was exquisitely alive to the enormity of her loss and the grief she had kept at bay with the work and travel and sheer distracting busy-ness of Boomer's Legacy, the charity she set up after Boomer's death.


Boomer's Legacy gives every cent of its donated money to the Assistance to Afghanistan Trust Fund, which in turn puts cash quickly and with a minimum of red tape into the hands of Canadian soldiers – mostly those who work most closely with Afghans out of the Provincial Reconstruction Office in Kandahar City – who see a need.

Four projects are now under way that meet the intent of Boomer's Legacy, “to directly support the people of Afghanistan affected by poverty and war with emphasis on programs and services for women and children.” Boomer was a medic, and was terribly affected by the kids he met on his tour.

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