Sunday, July 13, 2008

Insiders 13/7/08


I can't listen to Penny Wrong! It's not updated to today's programme.

Penny Wrong: Murray Darling, Global Warming, Carbon Pollution, Climate Change, Emissions Trading Scheme.

Yeah, Penny. Australia can lead the world.

In Stupid.

It's just got onto the "man in the street" intervews.
Where do they find these believers?
Do they ever get anyone in their stacked segments of "Joe Ordinaries" who say "Stand back! Wait a minute! CC/AGW is a crock of shit!"

I'll keep watching. But it's so annoying, I may need throw something at the television.

OOoh ooh, Chris Uhlmann is on... maybe it's saved? Talking about the change of description of the action to be taken by Australia... then South Africa/Zimbabwe... more climate change.

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Anonymous said...

Wong is missing the joy gene in her genetic makeup. She appears to have been traumitised when young and is yet to escape the veil of sadness that fell upon her then.

She talks like she's towing the party line as opposed to creating and or leading it.

Penny is another product of the process driven career opportunity path that is the Labor Party in Australia. Mehaul