Sunday, July 13, 2008

Living a rural life

Living a rural life is wonderful. You arrive home from the city, particularly in the summer, and the air is fresh and clean. It's quiet out here. There's a smell about the place that's clean and fresh, unlike the city.

Though one of the drawbacks living on acrage out of the city and out of town is that you sometimes find unexpected visitors in your yard. The neighbour up-the-back isn't the brightest bulb in the box*. She's got a busted fence, it's been under repair for months now, and my next door neighbour has had the horse in his yard, originally only for 2 weeks. Two months after he agreed to have the horse in his yard for a couple of weeks, the yard is now completely devoid of pick for the horse and piles of horsepoo at the rate of approximately 1 pile per .5 sq metre (maybe more).

I have asked for the horse to be removed several times, and they put the horse back into next door's yard. The horse has no food. He knocks over the fence and tah-dah! He's back in my yard, which is in need of a gardener/groundsman. I want to spray with roundup, but can't because of the horse. No-one except me seems to be giving the horse water, and per 9L bucket, when he sucks up about 4.5L at a sup, it ain't easy!

There seems to be nothing I can do about the horse. I don't want it in my yard. I don't want it walking on my pvc pipes, I don't want it pushing over fences. I'm so cranky about it. Freckles seems to be OK. It's just his owners that I have a problem with.

*not someone I have anything to do with, either, and for very good reason. More trouble than not.

I am so soft. The horse stays, at least until the fence can be fixed. Next week I'm assured...

Update 2:
Freckles is a drinker! He loves a beer or six.


kc said...

The horse needs your help and you're doing the best you can to spite of the idiot humans involved. You're a good and kind woman, Kae. I am impressed at your patience.

Anonymous said...

Well said KC. The other option is to invite the local Japanese in for dinner. They love horse. Mehaul

Kaboom said...

They shoot horses, don't they?