Friday, July 4, 2008


Welcome to all our seppo mates!

Have a wonderful day, celebrating the freedoms and the privileges that you enjoy because of the sacrifices of the few.

Breakfast radio announcer asked to hear from listeners what they thought that America and Americans should be thanked and remembered for.

A gentleman on his way to Canberra (Australia's capital), to visit his daughter who is at a military establishment studying and who also celebrated her 18th birthday yesterday, offered the following - paraphrased:

Look at any natural disaster or that type of tragedy and who do you see is there? Who is the first to arrive and offer help?

Look at the boxes of equipment and aid, what's the name on the boxes? US.

The United States is the first to offer aid and send supplies and people to help whenever they can.

Not the Middle East. Not Asia. Not Europe.

The United States.

Sure, there are mistakes made, but the US is there every time to help.

For that the world should be grateful on July 4.
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Paco said...

On behalf of my little patch of the U.S., thanks kae.

stackja1945 said...

thanks USA

kae said...

Hi Stacks, where have you been? Was wondering if you were OK!

kae said...

Oh, Paco. The Supergirl and Wonderwoman thingy somewhere on this blog were especially for 4 July 1986.

kc said...

Well said & thank you from my little spot on the planet, Kae.

Zardoz said...

Thank you very kindly, kae and stacks.