Friday, July 4, 2008

Piers hits the nail on the head; it's time to go Belinda & John

WHAT is it with Labor politicians and the law? Why is it that, when given the choice of co-operating with law authorities during an investigation or stonewalling, their default position is to stonewall?

Piers has demolished and summarised the problem in his column on Wednesday.


Skeeter said...

A TV news banner this morning claims that Neal will not be pre-selected by the ALP for the next election.
Although this effectively terminates her career in Federal politics, if her crime is bad enough to warrant that, she should be sacked now.
Of course, there is the little problem of an almost certain loss of a Labor seat in a by-election. Neal was elected with a margin of 183 votes and Green preferences.

stackja1945 said...