Thursday, July 3, 2008

Is it AGW? Or is it wronwright (as she smiles, knowingly)

The snow appears to be late here in Australia... a slow start to the season.

The weather bureau has given the industry a huge fillip with a forecast that this winter will be the coldest in decades* but for the immediate future - this long weekend - the prediction is for showers above the ranges but no snow.
Aussies are an adaptable mob, we'll cope by substituting other activities. I'm sure the tourists will think of something to keep them occupied

However, in the Northern Rockies, the snow has been hanging around.
But huge amounts of snow still blanket the Northern Rockies high country, in part because of record snowfalls in Montana this year, so the opening was not expected until Wednesday, the latest on record by a day, except for World War II, when the road was not plowed at all.

The delayed opening has been a blow to St. Mary, at the east entrance to the park, and to West Glacier, the opposite gateway. Both depend on gasoline sales, restaurant checks and other income from tourists who drive Going-to-the-Sun, the 52-mile, or 83-kilometer, scenic road that winds through the heart of these glacier-etched mountains.

and with the late end to the season is good news for farmers:

Farmers and ranchers, though, are happy. "We were way behind in moisture and
we caught up and got an extra five or six inches" of rain in June, said Schweitzer, a farmer and a soil scientist. "Every extra inch of rain above average means seven more bushels per acre, and we got six inches. We'll get 40 more bushels per acre this year. That makes it a billion-dollar storm."

Swings and roundabouts.

Yes, the sky is falling, Turkey Lurkey. I spoke with my panel beater the other day. His father's been on the land all his life in S/W Qld. This bloke gave a good rant about AGW. He asked what was wrong with these people who were yammering about Climate Change. (We talked about it raining and improving business for panel beaters.) The panel beater asked if any of these proponents of AGW/CC and those who believed their rubbish had ever bothered to take notice of the seasons and the weather over the years. Our concensus was that it must be people who are under a certain age who believe this rot. (Then we have old fools who make I lie of this theory.)

Oh FFS. If they could use the AGW/Enviro bullshit it would be like perpetual motion, never ending.
SKI lifts powered by wind-generated energy and snow made from recycled water are among key eco-friendly developments to Victoria's ski slopes this season.
*danged global warming.

(thanks to Wand)


Anonymous said...

My party anywhere daughter is at Thredbo and they have had 68cms of snow in since Tuesday. So they did their thing yesterday and today is looking good. But as you say if there is no snow then fun will be found. That gal of mine could party in the dark with a mute Kiwi. Yeagh she's that good. Mehaul

kc said...

Got spare shoulder, some lovely tea, extra tissues, & ears if you need a place to unload.

kc said...

Crap, that's in the wrong spot. Sorry, Kae. Long day.

Going-to-the-Sun used to be a lovely drive. Now it's almost completely huge RV's but still impressive.