Wednesday, July 2, 2008

That's two

On Saturday was the car accident. It's all sorted.
That's one.

Mum had a biopsy last Thursday.
She saw the doctor today.
Thyroid cancer.
I know the prognosis is usually good, but she hasn't told me much.

Surgery on 17/7.
It's her birthday on 24/7.

Semester starts in two weeks.

Timing is shit.

That's two.


Anonymous said...

I know how you feel expecting things to work in threes. Don't worry about number 3, just give Mum everything she needs. It could be said Mum is 3, the car is 2 and the injured boy is 1.

Relax. That strange sport where no one competes for the ball is on TV in game 3. There's 3 again. Mehaul

Aussie old fart said...

What I said about attitude a few posts back, goes double for you and your mum mate. It'll be all right.

Reminds me off the joke about the country bloke and his new ex city bride. It can be strung out for half a page, but in a nutshell, he shoots his dog after it plays up three times. She protests and he says "thats one".

Snicker snicker snicker (stop that).

Regards Bill

Dminor said...

If your mum's being evasive, see if you can wring something out of her doctor - if your pushy, they'll usually cave (just kidding). You want to know what stage it's at and/or the general prognosis. The surgeon should be able to tell you, though he/she might have to wait for histology results from the surgery. Assuming they've found it before it spreads, she indeed has a good prognosis. Best wishes for you both.

kae said...

Hi D, thanks!
Mum said that she'll be taking some tablets. The doc said he could remove 1/2 the thyroid, but it's better to remove it all (I think it's something to do with the markers for the cancer being easier to detect without the thyroid and also he told her that removing the other half is difficult after the original surgery?)
The cancer was discovered by chance. Mum was running out of puff and feeling tired and the doc sent her for some tests and a scan/xray (? not sure which) and the radiographer noticed the cancer and also that she has osteoporosis. It was found quite by chance - so hopefully it's very early in the piece.
Mum has a cousin who has had thyroid cancer, she's reassured mum that it's easy to beat.

But you still worry. If you have it. And you still worry if it's your loved one, you just can't turn it off.