Friday, July 11, 2008

The science is in

I've read the science
I know the science
I've done the science

Any statement can now be preceeded with these few words and it's a deterrent to any argument about the rest of the statement.

Look at the Murray Darling. It's all about the science. This one, again, has to do with AGW/CC.
Look at the Great Barrier Reef. Science again. AGW/CC. It's all our fault.
Anything you care to name... it's the science.

And most recently, nothing to do with AGW/CC, we have Age Art Critic Nelson telling us that there is no science to show that paedophiles are encouraged by naked pictures of children.... not sure whether he meant naked pictures of his child. I suppose he did. He's changed his tune from his first statements some time ago about the "creepy", pornographic nature of Henson's naked children pictures, which seem to be some sort of obsession for Henson. Henson was feted at an exhibition opening in the National Gallery in Canberra, "Henson hits out at 'moralism'" ABC News and from The Age, "After the outrage, henson steps out among friends to defend art and artists".

Andrew Bolt has covered this extensively, as has Dogfight at Bankstown. I really can't add to what they've said, however, I agree wholeheartedly with them.

I'll add more later, I have a stack of links - probably tonight, in about 10 hours. I'm waiting for AM to go up on the web, some of Henson's speech was played on it and I want to see if I heard what he said correctly.

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