Friday, July 11, 2008

When a sniper would be really, really handy

Early this morning, 13 Greenpeace activists entered the station, with four climbing a smokestack and two climbing onto a roof.

Police have have arrested seven of them.

Campaigner Jason Collins says 13 activists are inside the power station.

They want the Federal Government to abolish coal-fired power stations before the next election.

Mr Collins says seven people have been arrested for trespassing, but they understand the risks.

"Most of our activists are very committed to the issue of climate change and they understand that arrests is one of the risks that you face in undertaking peaceful protests," he said.

Ooooh, I wonder if this bloke is one of the regulars from Bolta's?

Campaigner Julien Vincent is one of the activists climbing the smokestack.

He said the station could be switched off if every home in Queensland changed to solar hot water.

Seems to have the same simplistic notions.It's windy up here. It'll probably be closer to something below zero... 


Wand said...

"She should instead be making Queensland the true sunshine state by turning off coal-fired power stations like this one and replacing it with clean energy generated by renewables such as solar."

Sure and while she's at it she may as well move Queensland from Eastern Standard Time to Solar Time so that people get accustomed to getting up at sunrise and going to bed at sunset. And oh yes, candles should be rationed.

Anonymous said...

I hope they end up like those geckos in Florida - falling off the rooves because of the cold in protest at Global Warming!


kae said...

SezaGeoff, well, I'm hoping for cold smoked.
They're on the smoke stack and it's forken freezing here!

(And if the wind changes, perhaps they'll stay that way?)

Skeeter said...

I hope no one is making any effort whatsoever to get them down. The current coldening should last at least until September.
Let's see how they manage to keep warm using only clean solar energy for heating over the next sixty nights.

kae said...

Skeets, did you hear me laugh from your place? Out real loud!

Hope they've got their long-johns on... they'll match their hair shirts.

kae said...

Jule's idea for every Queensland house to switch to solar hot water is a good one.

Everyone with any sense who has electric hot water uses off-peak. It switches on at 11pm and off at some time in the wee-small hours.

That's gonna make a huge difference to power requirements during the day....

And they charge a shitload for power used to boost the off-peak service due to lack of light.