Monday, August 18, 2008

60 Minutes gets balanced!

RE: My previous post on 60 Minutes, Andrew Bolt has a post on last night's 60 Minutes programme piece entitled Crunch Time about whether or not there is such a thing as AGW. In the programme such experts as Tim Flannery and our own PM Rudd were consulted about AGW. As well as these sterling examples of expertise of AGW an opposing view was presented by Professor Richard Lindzen and David Evans.

But the ultimate idiocy is from our PM KRudd, "Look your kids in the eye..."

DAVID EVANS: Isn't it a bit dopey to wreck the economy for a purely theoretical reason when the alleged symptom, warming, stopped six years ago.

TARA BROWN: They perhaps would use the word prudent as opposed to dopey, that the risk of not doing something is too great?

DAVID EVANS: I urge them to look at the modern science, the evidence isn't there. There is no evidence that carbon emissions cause a significant amount of global warming.

PM KEVIN RUDD: I am not, myself, a qualified scientist. I'm elected as Prime Minister of Australia to act on the basis of the considered scientific advice.

TARA BROWN: But it's never too late to continue the debate is it?

PM KEVIN RUDD: Look at your kids in the eye tonight and ask yourself this question - "If we have this much evidence available to us now "on climate change and just refuse to act, "then what are the consequences for them?" The alternative, however, is to just stick your head in the sand and hope it all goes away.

No, Kevin. We should have an AGW Watch, that would be the best watch you could facilitate.

Kevin should grow a brain, then get a spine.

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