Monday, August 18, 2008

Australian Story... one of Al's Chosen Disciples

It's Not Easy Being Green 18/8/08

Bill McHarg had it all. As the Victorian Chairman and one of the founders of Colliers International, a hugely successful global property firm, he wielded enormous power and influence.

Last November Bill McHarg told the company that he was about to do something ‘outrageous’. And sure enough he was.

Frustrated by what he viewed as the Federal Government’s lack of action on climate change, he launched a guerilla-style attack against the former Prime Minister John Howard, in his seat of Bennelong.

What drove such a conventional man to do such unconventional things? And what happens when a member of the establishment takes up arms against one of their own?
Trained by Al.

The man wears a bowtie. You can watch it here later.

Update: I hope the voters of Bennelong are happy with their choice.

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