Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Accident insurance in Schools

Cartwheels banned in school.

Such is the situation today that a school can be sued for injury to a child when the child is supposed to be in the care of the school. I'm sure I remember as a child a form coming home for my parents to sign which allowed some kind of insurance which cost a pittance, is my memory correct?

No wonder we're turning into a nanny state, overprotected kids growing into precious adults.

It started years ago when the rosebushes were ripped out of school grounds and public gardens. Just in case someone was hurt and whoever was responsible for the garden was sued.

I'm over this.


Boy on a bike said...

Gawd, I remember queuing up in sick bay about once a week to see the nurse to get something splinted or stitched or bandaged.

I asked Dad a while back whether the school ever sent him some sort of report detailing all the ailments that befell me.

He laughed, and looked at me like a martian had just landed on my head. The school tell him about me getting stitched up etc? What an odd notion!

kae said...

Boy, I'm sure there was a form for the parent to fill out for insurance, I'll have to ask my mum if she remembers (she was a teacher too).
I was never really injured at school, however I understand that there is no limitation on anyone suing the school or another child for injury/disability sustained at school.
Sux to that!

Anonymous said...

It's time for the common sense law. Yes it would put many lawyers out of work but the common sense law would say that had one used common sense they would not have hurt themselves. Simple.

Lawyers and insurance companies have created an environment over the past 30 or so years that has enabled all forms of government to intrude into our lives under the guise of 'they're protecting us from ourselves'. Mehaul