Saturday, August 2, 2008

Can't access your fave blog use Firefox or Safari

It's been reported on several sites, just thought this would be handy if you're trying to get into any of your favourite blogs - it seems to be a problem with IE7 and Sitemeter.
Hopefully someone's sorting it out. 
Firefox and Safari will work OK.
Download one or other from the Web - search using google for whichever one you want. Firefox is the most formatted like IE and will be familiar. Safari is 'neater', but different in format and facilities.


Anonymous said...

So as I was saying....Wand, Skeeter and Mehaul met last night for a get to know you on the Gold Coast.

Poor Skeeter, he lives 45 minutes away in the hills, has only been to Surfers Paradise a half dozen times in a decade, and yesterday was one of them. He got home to hear the Wand, Mehaul chat was on, so he reversed the horse and buggy and came straight back in. I hope you got home safely Skeeter.

Wand is a proverbial walking genie on all things 'green and cancerous'. He is well aware of their parasitic ways to encroach our governing systems that will only cost us all more as cretins like Krudd and team continue to push this carbon pollution bullshit.

Thanks to Kae for setting all this up some weeks ago.

And good to meet Skeeter and Wand.


Skeeter said...

Have been using Firefox for years and love it, particularly for the tab feature. (I think later versions of IE also have tabs.) If you click on a link with the mouse wheel, it will automatically open the link in a new tab.

O/T And yeah, Kae, thanks for setting up that meeting. You were mentioned many times in the discussion and much praised for how you are handling this blog.

When I left her sitting at home in front of the fire, Mrs Skeeter could not believe I was making two trips to SP in the one day. It was a bit scary driving on a Friday night with all the drunks and hoons, but worth it.

It was great to meet Wand and Mehaul.

Only disappointment was that we had no solutions for the carbon tax mess that our Fearless Leader is leading us into at such a rapid rate.

Mehaul gave me some really bad directions on how to find the meeting place, but fortunately my GPS knew the way and I beat him to the destination by 10 minutes.

Wand told us some hair-curling stories about his adventures in Patpong Road and Bugis Street that had to be true, but don't believe everything he says about and Mehaul and me.

kae said...

Pleased you enjoyed yourselves. I told you it would be good!

My ears weren't burning on Friday night, so I suppose anything said about me was good!