Saturday, August 2, 2008

Snow in Sydney last week

I must be a weather God like Al. It snowed in Sydney last week when I was there.

Don't let them tell you it was "soft hail", it was snow. Friends saw flurries of the stuff. I went outside after the storm passed (and it was a large one, with thunder and lightning), to see off a friend and thought I was going to freeze.
[Bureau of Meteorology Senior Forecaster] Mr Zmijewski doubted the 1836 snow report, saying weather observers of the era lacked the expertise of today. 
I doubt anything's changed in the training and expertise of weather forecasters over the past 200 years. 

More pix at the Sinney Moaning Hemorrhoid.

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kc said...

Kae, I have no objection to your being a weather God...but please, for the sake of all humanity and the mental health of those you love PLEASE! I BEG YOU! Don't be ANYTHING like Al!!! PLEASE!