Sunday, August 10, 2008

Enough Rope

Anyone else seen the shorts for Monday's show? There's nothing about it at the site. I'm sure there will be after it airs.

I'm sure that sheilah in the hijab is on Salaam Cafe.

Although William McInnes is pleasant enough to watch.


Nilk said...

Kae, it's Walid Aly (we call him Wally) and his wife. I've managed to avoid the excreble (sp?) Salam Cafe so far.

By all accounts it's craptastic television.

kae said...

Hi Nilk
His missus looks like she's off Salaam Cafe (I don't watch it, I've only seen little bits of it advertised on ABmuslimpropagandaC).

Oh, what a shame, I'm missing it.