Sunday, August 10, 2008

Frost at my place, snow melted hail today in Yass

Frying Pan's Theology
by A. B. "Banjo" Paterson
Scene: On Monaro.
Dramatis Personae
Shock-headed blackfellow,
Boy (on a pony).
Snowflakes are falling
Gentle and slow,
Youngster says, "Frying Pan
What makes it snow?"
Frying Pan, confident,
Makes the reply --
"Shake 'im big flour bag
Up in the sky!"
"What! when there's miles of it?
Surely that's brag.
Who is there strong enough
Shake such a bag?"
"What parson tellin' you,
Ole Mister Dodd,
Tell you in Sunday-School?
Big feller God!
"Him drive 'im bullock dray,
Then thunder go;
Him shake 'im flour bag --
Tumble down snow!"
The Bulletin, 16 December 1893
The Man from Snowy River
and Other Verses
20 October 1895

There'll be no more snow with AGW heating up the universe!

You mark my words!

That post is a bit of a mess!

A little background about the snow melted hail thingy.

I'm with Minicapt, hail in summer, snow in winter!

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Minicapt said...

Hail, not the same as snow. And snow occurs in winter, not summer.