Wednesday, August 20, 2008

A good man?

Dead robbery suspect was 'a good man'. There was a minor riot at the hospital he was taken to for treatment when a mob turned up and many of them insisted on entering the hospital to see him. A screaming woman was shown in the hospital ambulance bay, and a crowd of rough looking men of no appearance.

It's all relative, really.

I remember being told about a young bloke who was shot and killed trying to rob a railway station in Sydney. His mum was interviewed and was praising him as a good son, a good kid - he was only 17.

His brothers had both done time for trafficking in drugs, one was still in prison, the other had just finished a good stint. The dead youth had a record as long as your arm for petty crime and lately his crime was getting more serious. He was 17. His mother praised him as a good son. She praised all her boys as good sons.

Unfortunately, he and his brothers were not good citizens.

From Nick and Nora's and the news.

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bikeonaboy said...

By the sounds of things, shooting one member of this family should be just a start.