Thursday, August 7, 2008

Google Street View

Wow. You can now look at the street.

Various privacy issues have been raised.

Apparently the Queen Street Mall, Brisbane picture was taken at Christmas. There are Christmas decorations about, and the huge Christmas Tree is up.

I'd be extremely concerned about the whole PC-ness of that.

I'm not going to fart around finding it for you, I've got better things to do.

PS: I looked for my rural Qld abode.
Funny, they haven't got out of Brissie that far.

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Anonymous said...

Hi kae!

I live in Melbourne and I find this great.

Started to build a picture database of the houses, my drivers have to go to.

No more excuses, that they didn't find the place!

Wanted to do this with a camera before, but wasn't sure about the legality, but now it's on the net.

Can't really see any problems, people's faces and number plates are all obscured, which would have been a problem taking pictures myself.