Thursday, August 7, 2008

Sonny Bill's a bit of a dill, and his advisors are even more stupid

Surely if you want to get out of a contract you negotiate, you don't just up and leave?

Nah, it seems that you get some good advice from your very intelligent ex-footballer cum boxer mate and take off.

It's all got to do with white-man suppression and racism I think, that seems to be the angle of the ex-footballer cum boxer mate.

It appears that any contract signed by Sonny Bill isn't worth the paper it's written on as he doesn't understand the concept.

More about Williams in the Canberra Times, A timely reminder that not all values are expressed in dollars.

And in the same article:
Collingwood players Heath Shaw and Alan Didak were involved in a car accident early Monday after drinking at a suburban hotel in Melbourne.

Didak, the player who was a passenger last year in a car driven by Melbourne CBD gunman Christopher Hudson, lied to the club by saying he was not in the car driven by Shaw, claiming he was merely a mate who arrived at the scene in answer to a mobile phone call.

Shaw also told club chairman Eddie Macguire and coach Mick Malthouse that Didak wasn't in his car when he crashed into two parked vehicles. Shaw, fined $5000 for driving while drunk, and Didak were yesterday suspended for the rest of the season. It had been speculated that Didak might be sacked.
They've been suspended for lying about the accident and drink driving. As a child I was taught it was very wrong to lie. I was punished more if I lied because lying was the worse crime. If they behave like children it's reasonable to treat them like children.

Update: Oh. My. God! I'm clairvoyant!

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Anonymous said...

God help League. After watching Sonny Bill's appalling attempt to think and talk simultaneously, TV viewers then had to return to the Footy Show to experience the gathered IQs of the tortured commentators there. Total IQ (including Sonny Bill) about 50 and I'm feeling generous.

The sport has to be in its death throes if these cattle represent the best of the players and observers. Mehaul