Saturday, August 30, 2008

How tired and emotional will Riverfire TV presenters be this year?

Last year's Riverfire telecast was annoying with all the well-lubricated commentators gushing about the presentation, and carrying on like they were in on some special joke.

Well, people, the joke was you lot. You were supposed to be working and it appears that you decided that having a few dozen drinks was fine in the scheme of things.

Just a heads up; your indulgence was annoying to many viewers.

I mentioned Riverfire in an earlier thread.

Update: not too bad, though I only watched the last ten minutes.
You really have to BE there for the F111 dump-and-burn, it has to be, um, felt!


Minicapt said...

We know ... we know ... we WERE reading!!


Boy on a bike said...

I once walked into a recruiting office and had a chat about wanting to be a navigator on an F-111. I figured I had a better chance of getting into one in the non-pilot seat.

The interview went quite well, and they loved me for my maths results, but by a turn of fate, I ended up in the Reserves instead, and never followed up that idea of zooming through the sky on a river of fire.

Bummer. What a stupid decision that was.

kae said...

Hi Mini
It's on now... fireworks don't really ring my bells. But the F111 flyover....

Boy, oops. Made a bit of a boo-boo there, huh?

kc said...

Kae, one of the last things My Chief did before retirement was take the stick on an F-18 with the skipper at Naval Test Pilot School. His comment when he told me about it was (a cliche as old as time) "the most fun he'd ever had with his clothes on."

Closest I ever got was hangar deck of USS Nimitz during the Family Day cruise (or whatever it was called). I believe they were Tomcats that day...

Skeeter said...

Tried to watch the Pre-show, but half an hour watching talking heads getting pissed was too much for me.
Went back to the channel a couple of times during the fireworks. Very pretty.
Agree that the F-111 is a wondrous aeroplane. I was flying Sabre's in the 1960s just before the F-111 came on the scene, but did not hold them in high regard at the time because, after all, they were bombers, not fighters.
Forty-five years later, I managed to get myself an hour in the F-111 simulator at Amberley and quickly learnt new respect for the Pig.
Boy o a b, I don't want to start a bloody Pilot vs Navigator war on Kae's nice clean pages, but I'd be interested to know why you thought you had a better chance of getting into a non-pilot seat.

kae said...

Hi Skeeter!
If you had a fly in the simulator after about 1996 it would be the one that my ex was involved in building. I remember he had to travel interstate (comm-car to the airport, lost luggage and all), to source some parts and so on.
As a missus of a RAAFie in his position I could have a run in the F111 flight sim, but I decided that my friend Cath, an ex truck driver who almost got her pilot's license many years ago, and a work colleague of mine (and a computer enthusiast as far as what they can do), would appreciate the trip in the simulator much more than I. My ex organised that she would have the sim experience. She was rapt!

kae said...

Oh, and Skeeter, I didn't even try to watch the pre-show. Just the dump and burn. I've looked for footage on youtube, but there's nothing for 2008 yet that's good enough to stick on the blog.