Sunday, August 17, 2008

Insiders 17/8/08

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Threatening letters from minister, on ministerial letter head - more scandal on the Central NSW coast? Yep! (George Megalogenis)

9 Media advisors for Morris Iemma costing more than a few $M/annum. (didn't get the exact amount)

Woine Swan commences his interview by congratulating all the medalists from yesterday (WGAF?).

Glad to hear Woine thinks rates will come down and banks will abide by the Reserve Bank’s reductions. I don't think Woine understands that the banks have no fear of the present government.

Woine dribbling shit about FuelWatch. OMG, he’s talking about empowering consumers and saving them money.

Fundamental. Woin says “fundamental” a lot. I guess that shows where his head is at.

Pensioners are underpaid. But we can’t change years of neglect overnight. It takes time. Just a short leap to "We can do no more, we've done all we can." Fine. We already have a PensionerWatch scheme run by an NGO (it appears that the website has shut down), and there's the Red Cross Telecross service...
In the Telecross service, Red Cross volunteers each day phone 5000 elderly or
incapacitated people who live alone. If they do not answer they phone a
nominated family member or friend.

However, I suppose these don't count as PensionerWatch, cos they're actually doing something.

And then the phone rang. Sorry. If I get a chance later I'll look at the rest of the programme (probably Monday morning).

FuelWatch sux. (Obviously the Sherlock families, no shit?)
There's more, pop on in if you've got about 45 mintes to spare.

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