Sunday, August 17, 2008

My ex would have done this if he could

I think it says a lot about his idea of what "love" is.


kc said...

I guess "For Better or Worse, For Richer, For Poorer, In Sickness and in Health" is pretty much a lost idea.

Funny, we had to commit more than once, re-state the plan, so to speak...but those commitments were made with the acceptance of the changes that may come...mountains we would climb & paths we would walk...together.

This kind of thing makes me sad. Really shows the pettiness & shallowness of so many otherwise seemingly 'normal' people.

I pity them.

Caz said...

Keeping it in perspective: Australia's divorce rate had a bit of a spike decades ago when the no fault laws were introduced, but has remained steadfastly stable at about one third ever since, with many of those divorcees going on to remarry.

So, the odds are actually very much in favor of the married. A 66% chance (roughly) of staying together for better or worse for little Aussies.

I don't understand why that is always painted in such dark, gloomy terms, as if Australians are all on the bandwagon of disposable relationships. Apparently we're not. And lets face it, for those not married, mostly they want to be.

I almost pity the guys who sign up to a prenup with weight gain restrictions. It's the guys who most often become big fat couch potatoes after marriage. :-D