Saturday, August 16, 2008

Nannying ninnies save us

I agree wholeheartedly with Miranda Divine.
Pedestrian safety is another issue over which bossy regulators salivate - especially when it comes to school zones. Even if a school is on a busy main road, with traffic lights and pedestrian crossings galore, woe betide the motorist who travels past at 43 kmh at 9am. That's four demerit points gone and only eight left. No wonder at a recent North Shore dinner party, four of eight guests - sensible, professional married couples - had either lost or were about to lose their licences.

While everyone is in favour of keeping schoolchildren safe, the fact is most pedestrians killed in NSW are not children but the elderly. In a five-year study to 2000, the RTA found the number of pedestrians aged 70 to 79 killed was twice that of children aged five to 16. So maybe all those speed cameras should be outside nursing homes.
It is most infuriating in NSW to be travelling along a major highway and have to travel through a reasonably sized town at 50kph from the outskirts (which have fixed speed cameras), downhill, on the north side to the south side (Tenterfield anyone?). If people don't want traffic travelling at 60kph through their town they should probably lobby to have the highway diverted around their town, like Armidale or Stanthorpe).


Anonymous said...

Hi Kae, I'm still in the country waiting for a visa to leave. I'm on reduced NTM so catching up for a beer is not likely (Mrs Sharpe has very definite ideas about me wasting good family time carousing with ruffians). Did you catch my post the other day at Blair’s on the Milestones Missed thread?

Richard Sharpe

kae said...

Hi Richard! I was wondering if you had left yet, I heard a news report that some had gone already with more to follow soon after.
Noone's asked about the meet 'cept Kaboom. Maybe everyone's gone to ground?

I guess Mrs Sharp wants to have you around as long as possible!

Please take care and stay safe!

I missed your post at wotisies, but I'll look for it now!

Didja see I put up a message for you ages ago? Sunday July 13th.

kae said...

Well said, Richard! I'm reading the second one now.

Kaboom said...

Richard, a truly champion effort on Blair's.

Congratulations upon the BESTEST EVAH bitchslap I have ever seen on the Interwebbythingy!

kae said...

It bears repeating, Kaboom, doesn't it!
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