Thursday, August 21, 2008

Perspective: get some

Phonecall from MDFD*.

"Hello, it's me. I'm still at home. I just needed to share this with someone.

I am over the f*king whale!

How many kids are starving in the world?

Kids in central Australia are being sexually abused....

The whale can't be saved, it'd cost millions to even try and it may not even succeed......"

That's what I was thinking when I was driving into work thismorning, it's a whale, for heaven's sake.

Then the phone rings again...

"Dr Karl's on the TV now, explaining that the whale can't be saved, and why (can't feed it now, can't feed it krill when it's grown, it won't be socialised with other whales and know the language, etc.), and also adding a bit of perspective to the problem with some facts (I know, hard to believe for a Warmening Believer like Dr Karl, but I have to give him his due for sorting that idiot Koshie out - was he hit with a kosh frequently at an early age to make him such a dill?). Dr Karl also explained that millions of kids are starving in the world and we're concerned with a whale.

Koshie's gone from "Save the whale, save the whale." to "Oh, I see, we can't do anything." How does this retard get to influence and even form public opinion?

I wonder how long it'll be before Dr Karl sups from the AGW is a Crock font?
One suggestion to save the baby whale have included feeding the calf from an artificial teat, using formula milk designed for humans. However that plan has been ousted, because the whale would need as much as 230 litres of milk a day for up to a year.
Whales don't suckle. The milk squirts - this will cause it's own set of problems. And even if this was possible, what do you feed a krill eating whale in captivity?

More info here.

*MDFD = my dear friend D

Update: Call from MDFD

"I had to tell you this. Got home and had to change the channel, it was all about...."

"The bloody whale," I said.

"Yes," she said. "The bloody whale. Activists have asked why the UN hasn't got involved. What the? Well, they just had a news break on ten and, get this, they're calling in a 'traditional aboriginal whale whisperer'."

"I just heard on ABC that they're going to put the whale down," I said.

"Naaaah, only if the whale whisperer doesn't work," she retorted.

"Sure, whatever," I said.

"I'm going to eat my dinner now."

Update II:
Apparently my comments are convoluted and don't make sense to some comprehension-challenged numb nitwits. So here is what I mean:

I think that human endeavour and taxpayer money would be better spent helping other humans rather than some dying cetacean at Pittwater.
It is my opinion that the media spends an inordinate amount of time raving about whales, polar bears and other wildlife when their focus should be on exposing the bad things happening to humans in the world, we are supposed to be at the top of the food chain, although that position could slip if PETA and some other green idiots have their way, we'll be right after grass and before iguanas.

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kc said...

I didn't think your comments were convoluted, I can see where some might think them 'muddy'...but thanks for the succinct rewrite anyway! I HEARTILY agree!