Thursday, August 21, 2008

Q&A Thursday 21/8/08 - oh dear.

All’s fair in love and politics Thursday, 21 August
This week - star graduate of the NSW Labor Left Faction, master strategist and now Minister for Infrastructure, Anthony Albanese and former barrister and current Shadow Attorney General, George Brandis are joined by Blanche D’Alpuget, biographer and wife of former PM, Bob Hawke. They’ll be mixing it up with doctor and author, Cindy Pan and former chief of staff to John Howard, Grahame Morris. As usual, everything is on the table and up for grabs. Episode details ›


Albanese, D'Alpuget, Pan, jeez. Q&A Lite.

Ok, it's not too bad.


Skeeter said...

Nothing there to tempt me to watch that little circle of self gratification again.
I'll record it in case the ringmaster lets something interesting slip through, and leave the watching to people who enjoy better anger management than I do.
My health is measurably better since I cut back on my exposure to ABC radiations.

Boy on a bike said...

If Albanese was organising this show, they'd hold it in a broom closet and most of the panel wouldn't be able to get a seat.

(He's minister for making a complete hash of our infrastructure).

Wand said...

I looked for a couple of minutes, if that, about ten minutes after the charade had started.

I switched it off.

kae said...

I had it on and the tiny bit that reached my consciousness wasn't too bad - Cindy Pan said something intelligent - though I think that was accidental.

Next week Pilger's going to be there. I only caught a few names for next week.. hang on:

The Business of Politics, Thu 28 Aug
With the Minister for Small Business, Craig Emerson on the panel this week, we know there will be at least one person on Q&A interested in the business of politics. No doubt, politics will also be on the agenda for Sharman Stone, the Shadow Minister for the Environment, Heritage, the Arts and Indigenous Affairs, Peter Hartcher, the Sydney Morning Herald’s political editor, and John Pilger, a journalist, author and filmmaker.