Thursday, August 21, 2008

Racist change to law II

In a previous post I mentioned a proposed racist change to Qld law sought for Palm Island rioters.

Slattsnews has covered another racist interesting law change, which if it isnt' racist, smacks very loudly of apartheid.
But how else can you describe the proposal by socialist Victorian Attorney-General Rob Hulls to establish a County Court to deal solely with Aboriginal offenders?That is correct, a trial court that deals with offenders only of a certain race.
Read the link, it's to The 7:30 Report Koori division of Victorian state court established.
PAULINE SPENCER, SHEPPARTON MAGISTRATE: I think Koori court has enabled us here to try some new approaches and be a bit more innovative and flexible in the way we're delivering justice.

TRACEE HUTCHISON: Based on the success of the Magistrates' Court model, the Victorian Government has announced plans to extend the concept to a Koori County Court to hear more serious crimes.

ROB HULLS, VICTORIAN ATTORNEY-GENERAL: We have to have a justice system that addresses the underlying causes of criminal activity, one that the Koori
community can take ownership of, and one that treats them appropriately, and that is why we're trialling the Koori Court Division in the country court.
Flexible justice delivery.

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