Thursday, September 11, 2008

Evening radio panel dissing of Palin last Thursday, will there be a reply tonight.

Heard a grab thismorning and apparently this host has a live chat session on Thursdays with women about issues affecting them.

Last Thursday they played Sick Pallin. The host pointed out that Pallin had made it in a man's world, however the women seemed to disparage her because of her stand on abortion and sex education, and seemed to take great delight in pointing out that her teenage daughter is pregnant, and (paraphrased) "that just shows how it all works for her". I got the impression thismorning from the breakfast announcer that there will be some kind of reply or retort tonight.

This programme begins at 7pm, you should be able to find it here if you're interested. (And good luck with that, the ABC Website is an absolute shambles and it's very difficult to find anything you hear about on air since it's been revamped!) I cannot find any reference to the programme mentioned on the linked blog of the announcer. Streamed here, look for Evenings with Steve Austin.

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