Tuesday, September 9, 2008

CERN and the LHC - the world may end tomorrow


Read here.

And here.

The world ends: 10 September 2008. Mark your calendar.

Oh wait, don't bother!


Kaboom said...

I believe that when they switch it on, they (the CERN scientists) are simply flinging protons around in one direction to see how fast they (the protons) go.

After a week or so, they (the CERN scientists) will then fling protons around the OPPOSITE direction.

Only after this orientation exercise will protons be flung around in alternate directions, so as to collide. This might be three or four weeks away.

Therefore, you will be pleased to know that ITLAPD is safe for September 19th....

kae said...

Aye, my 'arties.

Er, sorry, premature buccaneercution.

Minicapt said...

The rule is: Do not panic until the correct date. Which, of course, is: http://www.survive2012.com/why_2012_maya.php


stackja1945 said...

What is a Large Hardon Collider?
Sounds rude!

kae said...

LOL Stacks
Thanks for the laugh!

A 27km one is certainly a very large one!