Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Speed cameras? Taking care of revenue raisers (not recommended)

Taking things into their own hands...

Just won't work on these speed cameras, might get you into worse trouble...

Interesting site.

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Kaboom said...

For the record, Kaboom fully approves of red light cameras, which activate one second after red. I'm fucked if some arsehole is going to T-bone me or my family by going through a red!

However, Kaboom HATES speed cameras, and it is astounding that in Australia, that only a few fixed cameras have been blown away by shotgun pellets (as opposed to every single fucking "kangaroos ahead" sign). Most of those blasted have been truck monitoring cameras, rather than speed cameras.

Here is another area (apart from Olympic Gold), where the Poms are outdoing us - the wanton destruction and re-destruction of fixed speed cameras.

Fookin' wimps, you lame-arsed Aussies! Get out there and do your civil disobedience duties!

And as for the manned camera car - very, very bad form to attack it with a sledgie..... much better to do what some social misfits did at Caoundra (Qld) some years ago.

They went past a mobile speed camera LandCruiser late at night, at Beerburrum on the Bruce Hwy, and did a U-turn, and snuck up behind the speed camera car.

Constable Kodak was fast asleep (as you would, three hours into a six hour shift at 11:00 p.m. in a fucking LandCruiser!), so they unscrewed the rear number plate.

The moble camera was facing northbound only, so they put the plate on the back of their car, drove past Constable Kodak, and did another U-turn up the highway.

Next time, they drove past Constable Kodak at 220 km/h on deserted four-lane, dual carriageway highway.


Undeterred, our intrepid social misfits did another U-turn, and came back around, this time doing 225 km/h.


Only then did they continue on, unscrew the borrowed rear number-plate, and throw it into the bush.

I believe that the Landsborough Police are still seeking the driver and passengers of a grey Holden Commodore VY sedan (which looked like any other nondescript rental, apart from the rear number plate which traced to the Qld Police Service), and are interested in interviewing those persons with respect to various offences against the State.

If any of you readers of Kae's blog were involved, I urge you to hand yourselves in, right now.