Monday, September 22, 2008

Common sense prevails in citizens arrest (after a little roughing up)

Gold Coast homeowner bashes, nabs fugitive

A FUGITIVE from police picked the wrong place to hide on the Gold Coast when he come off second best against a Varsity Lakes resident and his son.

When the man invaded Dave Edwards' modest flat, Mr Edwards and his teenage son Ewan fought back .

He was bashed, slashed with a knife and held down until police arrived.

"This is my castle," a pumped Mr Edwards said. "When you've got some drug-crazed idiot standing in your bloody house, lots of things can go bad, so you're fighting for your life."
I tend to agree with the gentleman who stopped the wanted man.

Mr Edwards dismissed suggestions he was a hero, saying the man "wasn't much of a fighter". He said he had simply dispensed "neighbourhood justice".

"One more scumbag off the streets is always neighbourhood justice, isn't it?" he said.
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A lot of talk on the radio thismorning regarding self defence, defence of property and reasonable force.

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