Monday, September 22, 2008

On Line Opinion Poll results re: Turnbull & Rudd

A brief analysis of quantitative results makes interesting reading.

Some comments on the polls published today in the newspapers here.

On Line Opinion hopes to have the qualitative results up later tonight.


Richard Sharpe said...

Have I been too harsh on poor 1735099? I hate to be rude to veterans, but he was using that status to be a dick.

Richard Sharpe said...

Should clarify what I mean.

kae said...

The one about the teaching of how to love and understand terrorists, the enemy, and all join hands and sing Kumbayah?
I've been following it, but haven't looked at it for a few hours.
You'd be in a better position than anyone else to sort him out.
I didn't see he'd had a go at you, just the others. I think he's followed your stuff before.
He also has his own blog, linked at Kev G's.
Be gentle with him, I think he's on our side... I think... I'd say he's been out for some time, he's a teacher. Ex teacher.
That's what I've got from his site and his previous postings.

kae said...

OWCH, reading the 5:30ish comment from you now...

hang on.