Friday, September 5, 2008

Double dis-illusion

Yesterday on ABC Local a political commenter was talking about a "double dis-illusion", I'm absolutely sure that's what he was calling it.

I think he meant double-dissolution, although the more I thought about it, with the track record of the Rudd Government, dis-illusion is probably more appropriate. There'd be quite a few punters dis-illusioned with the promises of Rudd prior to 24 November 2007.

Looks like the only promise kept was $orry and a slip of the tongue by Garrett.

The Senate has knocked back the luxury tax on motor vehicles costing over $57k. Listening to ALP members bleating about how this will advantage the rich is really sickening. There will be another vote which might trigger a double-dissolution, although this is dobtful. The ridiculous thing about the tax is that many of the vehicles in this bracket are much more efficient than supposed "green" or hybrid cars on the market.

Treasurer Wayne Swan is putting the blame for the Government's Senate problems squarely at the feet of the Opposition.

"If the surplus is raided to a significant extent that will be on the head of Mr Turnbull and the Liberal Party, who are clearly saying that into the future, they prefer a igher level of interest rates than we otherwise might have," he said.

The Government is also worried its proposal to increase the threshold for the Medicare surcharge faces the same fate, when Senate debate on that bill begins today.

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As well as a risk of Senate not passing the proposed increase to the Medicare surcharge threshold, The Government is concerned that Families First Senator, Steve Fielding, will oppose the already imposed alcopops tax, which seems to have done nothing to decrease binge drinking, and maybe even increasing sales of spirits since the tax was imposed on alcopops.

Arrgh, heaven help me. KRudd's being interviewed on AM now... yawn.

Listen to Steve Fielding on Radio National, 3 September 2o08.

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