Friday, September 5, 2008

MIUAYGA Dreaming - A tradition of pulling your leg

HOW easily are we fooled by people dreaming up oppressive new Aboriginal "traditions”?
Some sense from Andrew Bolt.


bruce said...

Someone's 'dreamed' up a new eco-tourism idea - 'Indigenous Snowy Mountain Walk' was on TV last Saturday.

At one point they pick and taste some leaves off a native pepper tree at high altitude, 'They used this to season their dishes'.

kae said...

Hi Bruce.

season their dishes... hmm. Sure. Whatever.

There is so much that's wrong with the defence of "aboriginal culture". MIUAYGA.

bruce said...

Tell me about it. Kae, are you anywhere near Roma? Ever heard about the 1857 massacre of the Fraser family at Hornet Bank:

I am a direct descendant. There has as yet been no fully satisfactory explanation of this incident which takes into account all that is known, and the popular tendency is to crudely blame the Frasers.

kae said...

I remember many years ago as a child visiting a very old building made of stone near Barraba (not sure exactly the name, just that it was an old homestead). There were long slots in the walls instead of windows. I asked what they were and was informed that they were knot holes for shooting from if the house was under attack.

I think the name of the people who owned the propery was Gregory and it may have been north of Barraba in NW NSW.